First Movie Made Ever In Bollywood History

Have you ever thought about what was the name of the first movie ever made in the history of Hindi movies cinema? I read around on the internet all the time about all the questions that some of us have, which is why I decided to create a Movies Trivia section dedicated to all the knowledgeable stuff there is about Bollywood.

When I thought about the first movie to be made in Bollywood history, I thought about a black and white movie, it never occurred in my brain that back in the days that the first movies in history were made without sound. Yes the first Hindi movie was made without sound, it was a silent movie. The name of the movie was Raja Harishchandra, people say that the producer of the movie was Marathi, therefore the movie was not really a Hindi movie, than I think, wasn't it a silent movie? Which means people didn't speak in it, neither Hindi or Marathi.

The name of the first full length Bollywood movie ever made is Raja Harishchandra.


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