List of Top Hindi Movies for Kids | Bollywood Family Movies List

Last updated 08/02/2013.

Bollywood has given way more great flicks in all other genres than for kids. That doesn't mean that there aren't any Bollywood movies for kids. There are about 15+ movies that were made just for kids and you may want to watch some of these with your children. I have watched almost all the movies below and they are sorted from top to bottom according to my personal taste and reviews that I found online.

List of Top Hindi Movies for Kids
1. Koi Mil Gaya 2003
2. Do Dooni Chaar 2010
3. Jajantaram Mamantaram 2003
4. Stanley Ka Dabba 2011
5. Chillar Party 2011
6. Zokkomon 2011
7. Bum Bum Bole 2010
8. Chak De 2007
9. My Friend Ganesha 2007
10. Hanuman 2005
11. Mr. India 1997
12. Makdee 2002
13. Iqbal 2005
14. Rani Aur Laal Pari 1997
15. Haathi Mere Saathi 1971
16. Blue Umbrella 2005
17. I Am Kalam 2010
18. Raju Chacha 2000

These were some Bollywood movies that I believe that you can watch with your kids. I solute Bollywood for making these movies and expect producers/directors/writers to have more interest in making movies for kids.


  1. Bollywood have provided great source of entertainment for kids and gave such amazing movies. Kids likes animated movies also like Delhi Safari, Main Krishan Hun, Sons of Ram and many more.

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  3. Yes of course there are a dozons of movies related to kids. One of my favorite movie related to kids was Tare Jameen par. It has been passed a long time but I am not able to watch any movie related to Kids.